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Air Conditioning

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair you can trust in Richmond, VA

Anyone who's lived in VA for any period of time knows how bad the heat and humidity gets in the Summer.  Bad enough to where it's not uncommon for the local meteorologists to issue ozone warnings and recommend that people do nothing outside when it's that hot.  Only problem with that is we still need to go places and do things despite the heat.   And if our vehicle's air conditioning isn't working it can make for a miserable day.  

Vehicle air conditioners rarely give signs they're about to fail.  And drivers may feel the air coming out of their vents isn't that cool but they just attribute that to the heat.  And a defective air conditioner not only affects you and your passengers, but it can also damage your vehicle's internal systems.  Things like leaking coolant can seriously damage the interior of your engine.  

Early detection of a failing AC can save you a lot of time and money.  Often times it can be as simple as just replacing fluid which takes us very little time.  However, if the problem isn't addressed soon enough it can develop into a more expensive repair like a complete compressor replacement.  And repairs like this are not only expensive but can result in you having to leave your vehicle at our shop for a day or 2.  

Signs your AC is failing

  • Diminishment in the cooling level
  • AC is making unusual noises while running
  • Strange odor coming out of the events 
  • Water pools inside your vehicle after running the AC

If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms don't wait!  Waiting can cause serious problems and be very expensive.   Bring it to the professionals at Halls Tire & Auto Service and let us diagnose and fix the problem asap.  


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