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Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust System Services in Richmond, VA

Your vehicle's exhaust system primarily carries waste gases and other combustion products away from the engine.  It also allows the vehicle to operate with minimal noise, smoke and pollution.  It works by collecting exhaust gases from the cylinder head in the engine via an exhaust manifold.  The manifold acts as a funnel, diverting exhaust gases from all cylinders of the engine then releases them through a single opening often referred to as the front pipe.  These gases are harmful to humans and the environment so it's essential that your vehicle's exhaust system is functioning properly.      

How do I know if there's a problem with my exhaust system:

  1. Loud exhaust making hissing noises 
  2. Smell of gas from exhaust
  3. Decrease in power, acceleration and fuel economy 
  4. Dragging exhaust pipe

Problems with your exhaust can escalate to a serious problem if you let it go for too long.  Don't let it come to that.  Bring it to the specialists at Hall's Tire & Auto and let us fix whatever issues you're having.   


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