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Mirrors & Door Handles

Mirror & Door Replacement in Richmond, VA

Unfortunately from time to time problems with our exterior/interior windows can occur.  Normally it comes from someone hitting our mirror while you're not around.  And unfortunately when that happens a replacement one must be installed.  Fortunately, mirrors are a relatively easy and inexpensive repair.  However, they must be done for your vehicle to pass state inspection.  Not only that, but for your safety, your passenger's safety, and the safety of others on the road you don't want to put this off as it could lead to a bad accident.      

The same can be said for your doors.  Problems with your vehicle's doors normally come from the electronic aspect of it.  Your auto lock stops working, the windows don't roll up, or your exterior mirrors won't adjust.  If you have one of these problems don't take it to the dealer where you'll likely pay far more than you should.  Bring it to the professionals at Halls Tire & Auto Service and we'll get you set up good as new and for much less than a dealer.  


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