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Power Steering

Power Steering Repair in Richmond, VA

Power steering is the system for steering that uses the power from the engine to make it easier to steer a vehicle.  Most power steering systems use fluid pressure to assist the driver in turning the front wheels.  If you're having trouble turning your vehicle it's likely you're low on power steering fluid.  And low steering fluid can lead to the pump running dry which can damage the pump and thus the entire system.  You do not want this to happen as it can obviously lead to a costly repair.        

 Signs of a power steering problem?  

  • Whining noise while turning the wheel
  • Steering wheel responds too slow
  • Stiff steering wheel
  • Squealing and groaning noises

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of experiencing one or more of these problems do not wait until it's too late.  Just bring it in to the professionals at Hall's Tire & Auto and we'll fix it and get you back on the road in no time.    


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