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Timing Belt Replacment

Timing Belt Replacement in Richmond, VA

The timing belt in your vehicle is a rubber belt that synchronizes the actions of the camshaft and crankshaft to keep your valves safely moving and your engine running.  On newer cars timing belts will normally last somewhere around 100000 miles.  Older vehicles typically have a replacement need around 60000 miles. The main cause of timing belts going bad is 1) the engine component will get hot causing the belt to lose it's strength and texture thus facilitating a break and 2) the water pump fails due to lack of coolant system maintenance.      

How do you know it's time for the timing belt to be replaced:

  1. Your mechanic will recommend replacement due to time and mileage
  2. Water pump leakage
  3. Loud "pop" and then the vehicle is inoperable 
  4. Timing tensioner leakage

The timing belt can become much more expensive if it's not replaced at the right time.  If the belt snaps your vehicle will have to be towed.  And if that snapped belt causes the valves to bend you could be looking at a total engine replacement.  So you can see why it's essential to get this taken care of before disaster happens.  Bring it to us at Hall's Tire & Auto and we promise to fix the problem at the most economical means to you.   


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