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Wheel Bearings

Wheel Bearing Services in Richmond, VA

Wheel bearings are something most vehicle owners don't pay much attention to.  However, when they go bad they can cause a multitude of problems.  Wheel bearings are necessary for the hub, tire, and wheel assemblies to work together.  And for them to function properly they need to be in almost perfect condition, have adequate lubrication, and be sealed to keep the lubricant in and everything else out.  Wheel bearings should last a long time, however, premature failure often results from damage due to impact, loss of grease, contaminants, or a combination of these things.  Problems with your wheel bearings can also affect your vehicle's anti lock brake system (ABS).     

Commons Signs You Have A Wheel Bearing Problem Include:

  1. Noise coming from the wheel or tire area
  2. Vehicle is "loose".  This refers to the steering of the vehicle
  3. Vehicle begins to pull to one side
  4. Uneven tire wear

If you feel like you may be experiencing problems with your wheel bearings, don't wait until a wheel comes off your vehicle at a high speed which could be disastrous.  Bring it to the professionals at Hall's Tire & Auto Service and let us put you at ease.  


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